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First of all, a hearty welcome to my small site here in internet land. And what a day to share hopefully many ‘blogiversaries’ with the birthday of Anne Brontë and Anton Chekhow. Perhaps they will bring good luck to this endeavour?

Second of all, some of you may already know me from instagram or one of my other online profiles. I am very excited to start this journey and hope some of you want to come along. To start things off, I want to explain what I have in mind for this blog and what you, as readers, can expect.

I love literature. As in deeply, truly, and madly in love with literature and books. The stories, the lessons, the friends, the ideas, the physicality, and the possibilities of books are my one true love in this world. They have been there for me when others have not and I am firmly convinced my life is the better for it. Therefore, I want to share my love for literature; to show how they enrichen my world and challenge me. The same goes for art, and I define this quite broadly perhaps. To me, art is about aesthetics, philosophy, and craftmanship, and these things will also find their way to this blog.

This blog will become the focal point of my online presence and I will share my own thoughts and artwork here as opposed to my tumblr and pinterest which will serve as inspirational sites. My instagram will go on like usual with micro reviews and updates about my reading life. The point being that this blog will have longer reviews and essays about the books I read or the projects I am interested in. So, in short, this blog will be a way for me to focus more on the things I truly love and dedicate some serious time to do them.

A note on languages: I am Danish (you know vikings and windmills…) and English is my second language but as I have studied it at university, I expect it to be fluent and high in proficiency. However, I will still be reading a lot of Danish literature, either as original works or as translations, and as much as I will attempt to show correct or standard translations, this may cause some discrepancies between them in quotes. I hope this will not interfere with neither Danish nor non-Danish visitors to my blog. I will primarily write in English but will include a shorter translation in Danish at the bottom (as you can see in this post).

I hope you will all find something of interest here once I get going, and you are all very welcome to contact me with questions, ideas, or comments. Please remember though, these posts will all be my own thoughts unless clearly stated, and I have my specialities as well as areas where I am not well adversed. I am here to learn as well, so do not take it for scholarly or peer reviewed works. This site is about the fun and the love – for starters at least.

// Ann-Cathrine


Først og fremmest en varm velkomst til mit lille sted her i internetland. Jeg glæder mig meget til at starte dette nye eventyr og vil lige kort ridse op hvad man kan forvente som læser af denne blog.

Jeg elsker litteratur og bøgernes verden. Det er min store kærlighed sammen med kunst, og disse ting vil være hvad denne blog vil handle om på forskellig vis. Jeg ønsker, at dele disse interesser og vise hvordan de beriger min verden og hverdag, og har derfor taget skridtet helt ud og lavet dette sted. Dette sted skal ses som kernen af min virtuelle tilstedeværelse og jeg vil skrive længere anmeldelser og essays omkring mine interesser og projekter. Mine andre sider vil køre som de plejer, som værende primært inspirationskilder.

Mine tekster her vil primært blive skrevet på engelsk, men med en kortere dansk oversættelse til sidst (som her). Jeg vil gøre mit for at der ikke skal forekomme for store variationer i forbindelse med oversættelser af citater, da jeg stadig har tænkt mig at læse dansk litteratur og oversættelser. Dette kan nok desværre ikke helt undgås, men jeg håber, at de ikke giver for stor forvirring og at det hele trods alt vil give mening i sammenhængen.

Jeg håber, at der kan findes ting af interesse her på bloggen efterhånden som jeg kommer igang og I vil altid være velkomne til at spørge ind, komme med idéer og andre kommentarer. Husk dog, at alle indlæg er mine egne tanker og meninger, og ikke altid er på et universitetsniveau da jeg jo også er her for at lære. Denne blog er til for glæden ved litteratur.

// Ann-Cathrine

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