Submission by Michel Houellebecq

24th May 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

One of 2015’s most controversial books was undoubtedly Michel Houellebecq’s Submission. The year is 2022 and our protagonist is a middle-aged university professor with little regard for anything besides sex with female students and his work on Huysmans. Nevertheless, from his position as a renowned literature professor in Paris, he is drawn into the events surrounding the presidential election and the political discussions of religion and the consequences an Islamic government could have for France and abroad. This book sparked a hefty debate following its release which coincidently was the same day as the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.


My Year with Proust – Swann’s Way

3rd May 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

I have a reading goal this year and not just a number to reach like at Goodreads, but rather like an accomplishment in refining my world literature knowledge. That is a general goal for me and why I usually gravitate toward classics and philosophical books. This year I am attempting to read all of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Time Lost and I have recently finished the first of seven(!) instalments, Swann’s Way. (Note: I am reading the newly translated version in Danish by publisher Multivers who has also broken up most instalments into two volumes, so here I have […]