Instagram Photo Challenge #septemberbøger


Lots of Danish libraries are hosting a photo challenge over at Instagram. It is so much fun and I am really liking searching all my shelves for books to match each day’s theme. If you are unfamiliar with a photo challenge it is simply to take a photo of each day’s theme… and that’s it! Lots of these challenges already make a post with all the themes before the start so you can check it out and even prepare like this one:

It is so much fun to see what the other participants choose for each day and how creative both the books themselves and the posts can be. So please join for the rest of the month! The themes are in Danish as you can see but maybe some of them still makes sense in English and I for one always post in English anyway, so you can always check out my instagram (@literamour) when in doubt. So far this is the first where I have managed to post a photo each day. I am very proud but I did plan ahead a little too.

All this is just fun and games but other photo challenges can be a part giveaways too so remember to keep an eye out! But really, the #Bookstagram community is just the nicest and kindest online and it is so inspirational to see everyone’s love for literature and everything bookish. It truly makes you want to go online every day.


Ovre på instagram sker der en masse under hashtagget #septemberbøger. En masse biblioteker bruger september på at få brugere til at vise en speciel bog til hver dag og kategori. Det er så sjovt og inspirerende at se alles bud og specielt under dag 8 “en bog fra min barndom” flød jeg helt over af nostalgi. Så hop endelig med og del de bøger, som du forbinder med dagens tema. Listen kan du se ovenover. Der er stadigt masser af spændende dage i vente.


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