{Dior Haute Couture SS 2017}

I have always been far more a Dior-girl than a Chanel one, if you were to strictly choose only one. The billowing skirts and tapered waists have created endless supplies for daydreams when I was younger and for many years I seriously considered becoming a designer and venturing into haute couture. My path has so far led me another way but I have continued to cherish the craftmanship and beauty surrounded by Dior.

This collection was the first haute couture show by new chief art director Maria Grazia Chiuri, formerly one half of the succesful Valentino duo with Pier Paolo Piccioli, which marks her as the first female head designer for the brand. A very inspiring thing as well even though I have dreamed of being just that once upon a time. The contrast to Galliano and Raf Simons is stark but Chiuri’s collection serves up the dreams surrounded by the mere name ‘Dior.’ The powdery tulle and luchious silks adorned with beads and lace are etheral and otherworldly, like something from Tolkien’s Elvish kingdom of Lothlorien or Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I can easily imagine several of these will grace the red carpet at the Academy Awards soon and feature in many more daydreams to come. 

The look above with all the pleated accordion tiers is my absolute favourite of them all. I think Chiuri has made a strong debut also with her Pret-a-porter collections, and I am already looking forward to see where she will take Christian Dior’s legacy.

{all images via Vogue Runway, my edits}


De smukkeste haute couture kjoler fra den første kvindelige chefdesigner hos Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri. Meget anderledes end hvad vi så hos Galliano og Raf Simons, men det feminine og glamourøse er i højsædet med lidt elver-toner eller noget fra En skærsommernats drøm.

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