10 Stylish Ways to Wear Scarves

Put a ring on it

I love accessories and ways to make my look more unique whether it be with brooches, hats, gloves, or jewellery. Scarves can be tricky though since you can easily look like a girlscout or like you just wrapped a blanket around your neck to keep out the cold in stead of using them to enhance and pinpoint your aesthetic of the day (because let’s face it, I at least change my aesthetic about every two weeks). So here is some autumn inspiration which is not just throwing the scarf twice around your neck or tying it on your handbag handle since we have seen way too many inspo posts on that already.

Scarves can really make your look come together and even if you are just wearing jeans and a tee, it just adds a little frivolity and charm. If you are really feeling fancy there is a whole world opening up with different ways to tie them and you can buy special scarf rings. So far I just add a brooch for a bit of razzle-dazzle and to keep the scarf in place, which can be a bit tricky if you are wearing silk or chiffon. Mulberry braiding the runway
Either show the knot like here or the tip if you spin it around
The 80s knew what was up in 2017!Belt it like scarf queen Mai TaiScarf watchBelt or key chain flair

Martin Margiela making you take the elevator look twice

Use bangles in stead of scarf rings
Twist your necklace and scarf like Christine Legarde

Image credit: Anne Touraine 1, Mulberry 2, 3, 80’s glam 4, Scarf queen MaiTai 5, From Costume magazine no186 6+7, Martin Margiela 8, Edwin Pirah via Pinterest 9, Christine Legarde 10


Efterårsinspiration til at få brugt alle mine tørklæder uden at det bare bliver ligesom alle de andre, som binder det på taskens håndtag eller som hårpynt.

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