The Shakespeare Quadricentennial and Why I Adore Him

23rd April 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

Now isn’t this a cool word? ‘Quadricentennial’. Ah Latin! But what else is cool today? Well, of course everyone’s favourite playwriter, Bill the Bard’s 400th deathday party (that sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? But fun fact: it’s a Harry Potter wiki! I also really love Tennessee Williams but that’s another story). However, it is today 400 years since William Shakespeare died in his hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon (such a lovely town!) and left us with scraps and pieces of his plays and poems. Actually, most of his most famous plays would not have been known today if not for the […]


Charlotte Brontë Bicentennial

21st April 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

Can we imagine a world of literature without Jane Eyre? Since Charlotte Brontë’s catapulting entry into literary fame, along with her sisters, our notion of the world and how literature portrays our world have changed. Today marks the 200th birthday of Charlotte Brontë and though she is to some extent eclipsed by the Bard this Saturday (and the British queen today as well), she deserves a celebration of her accomplishments in her all too short life.