Happy Spring + Danish Easter Crafts

13th April 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

Ahh! Spring is finally in full bloom and here in Aarhus we have enjoyed the park next to our City Hall being turned into a purple sea of crocus and snowdrops. It is without a doubt the most photographed spot in Aarhus this time of year and the real mark of Spring’s arrival. Everyone smiles and exclaims, ‘Oh, isn’t it just beautiful?’ to complete strangers. A collective sigh of relief after the long and dark winter months. Here in Denmark, it is a tradition to send a paper cut-out letter anonymously to a loved one for Easter, called a ‘gækkebrev’ […]


Fastelavn – The Danish Shrovetide Tradition

26th February 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

Happy Fastelavn everyone! So what are the Danish traditions surrounding Shrovetide, you may ask? Well, not all of them are originally that ‘hyggelige’ as we say here in Denmark, but have evolved to be just that. In short, it is a mix of Halloween, Mardi Gras, and good old folklore. Essentially, it is like the carneval in Rio as the party before Lent, a remnant of when Denmark was a Catholic nation (we became Protestant in 1536), to munch on all the good stuff before giving it all up and fasting until Easter. These days we don’t fast but Danes […]