10 Stylish Ways to Wear Scarves

24th October 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

I love accessories and ways to make my look more unique whether it be with brooches, hats, gloves, or jewellery. Scarves can be tricky though since you can easily look like a girlscout or like you just wrapped a blanket around your neck to keep out the cold in stead of using them to enhance and pinpoint your aesthetic of the day (because let’s face it, I at least change my aesthetic about every two weeks). So here is some autumn inspiration which is not just throwing the scarf twice around your neck or tying it on your handbag handle […]


{Inspired by} Virginia Woolf in The Hours

28th March 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

In honour of the day of Virginia Woolf’s tragic suicide, I want to pay homage to one of the most beautiful adaptations of her style and legacy. Ever since I saw the first promotional photos from the movie The Hours by Stephen Daldry (2002) based on the novel by Michael Cunningham, I have had Virginia Woolf as a style icon. A bit surpricing maybe but if you have read her novels, fashion and attire is very important, especially in Mrs Dalloway, which of course is the novel The Hours centers around. Why of course? Why Mrs Dalloway was originally called […]


{Dior Haute Couture SS 2017}

16th February 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

I have always been far more a Dior-girl than a Chanel one, if you were to strictly choose only one. The billowing skirts and tapered waists have created endless supplies for daydreams when I was younger and for many years I seriously considered becoming a designer and venturing into haute couture. My path has so far led me another way but I have continued to cherish the craftmanship and beauty surrounded by Dior. This collection was the first haute couture show by new chief art director Maria Grazia Chiuri, formerly one half of the succesful Valentino duo with Pier Paolo […]