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8th March 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

In honour of the International Woman’s Day. Thank you to all the women before me who have fought and persisted. I will not forget. DANSK: Tak til alle de stærke og modige kvinder gennem tiden og idag, som stadig inspirerer mig.


Fastelavn – The Danish Shrovetide Tradition

26th February 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

Happy Fastelavn everyone! So what are the Danish traditions surrounding Shrovetide, you may ask? Well, not all of them are originally that ‘hyggelige’ as we say here in Denmark, but have evolved to be just that. In short, it is a mix of Halloween, Mardi Gras, and good old folklore. Essentially, it is like the carneval in Rio as the party before Lent, a remnant of when Denmark was a Catholic nation (we became Protestant in 1536), to munch on all the good stuff before giving it all up and fasting until Easter. These days we don’t fast but Danes […]


{Dior Haute Couture SS 2017}

16th February 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

I have always been far more a Dior-girl than a Chanel one, if you were to strictly choose only one. The billowing skirts and tapered waists have created endless supplies for daydreams when I was younger and for many years I seriously considered becoming a designer and venturing into haute couture. My path has so far led me another way but I have continued to cherish the craftmanship and beauty surrounded by Dior. This collection was the first haute couture show by new chief art director Maria Grazia Chiuri, formerly one half of the succesful Valentino duo with Pier Paolo […]


Inspired by: Valentine’s Day

14th February 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

This post was completely inspired by last year’s Valentine’s Day tea from Danish tea house Perchs, which was a wonderful mix of black and oolong teas with strawberries, raspberries, and elderflower aroma. A very feminine tea for a traditionally very feminine day. For let’s face it, it does not exactly scream stereotypical manliness on this day despite being named after a man. Most men actually seem slightly annoyed by it. That got me thinking (I know, I have to be careful with that!), what is romance and love after all? Is it red roses, strawberries dipped in chocolate, heart-shaped cards, […]


How to Make a Z-Palette From an Old Book

7th February 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

  If you love makeup you will probably have encountered the problem of storing all your single eyeshadows or blushers without taking up too much space. Some brands really have ridiculous packaging for single items with lots of ‘dead space’ in the compacts without any product. Solution: a magnetic palette where you can customize to your heart’s delight. These are commonly known as z-palettes and I was thinking of purchasing one online when I discovered some DIY versions on Pinterest (basically just type ‘diy z-palette’ and you are good to go). That got me thinking that I probably had something […]


2017 Challenge – Part 2: Literature

30th January 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

  My previous post was about my challenge to become healthier and happier this year despite having a chronic illness. Therefore, I will also start to post other things than strictly book related things but my blog is still LITERAMOUR (literature amour) and will always be a place where I share my passion for literature and everything bookish. So fear not, as I will still share reviews and small analysis and interpretations of the books I read throughout the year. I think most of you know about the site Goodreads and their annual reading challenge? If not, it is a […]


2017 Challenge – Part 1: Life

26th January 2017 Ann-Cathrine 0

First up, I hope everyone entered the new year safely and in good spirits. 2016 was a bugger in many ways and no need to bring more of that cursed energy with us into a fresh new year. In fact, here in Denmark it is a tradition to jump from a chair at the first bell stroke to avoid bringing the Devil over the threshold to the new ear. You know, like the groom picking up the bride when they enter their home for the first time. I did, so hopefully things will be better. Stating that, I actually want […]


My Year With Proust #2: In the Shadow of Young Girls in Bloom

4th October 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

Teenage hormones galore! Be warned! In this second instalment of Marcel Proust’s trip down memory lane, we follow his various endeavours to be with his two loves, first Gilberte Swann and later Albertine Simonet. Not being too proud to avoid being pathetic at times, Proust manages despite Charles Swann’s reluctance to become one of Gilberte’s best friends and a favourite of her mother’s. Through endless tea parties with him as the only boy among girls and women, he pines and yearns for Gilberte to confess her love for him. He builds thousands of imaginary castles in the sky and forgets […]


Instagram Photo Challenge #septemberbøger

12th September 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

Lots of Danish libraries are hosting a photo challenge over at Instagram. It is so much fun and I am really liking searching all my shelves for books to match each day’s theme. If you are unfamiliar with a photo challenge it is simply to take a photo of each day’s theme… and that’s it! Lots of these challenges already make a post with all the themes before the start so you can check it out and even prepare like this one:


The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

30th August 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

One of my favourite literary genres is fairy tales and I am especially happy with all the retellings of classic tales available in recent years. I am always curious about what spin other people can take with a well-known and much loved story and the popularity of them says something about our society I think. A nostalgic look at our cultural history but with our modern culture’s virtues and vices at the forefront regardless whether the stories take place in the past, present, or future. Last year, I found the first book in the hugely popular series of The Lunar […]