End of Summer Book Haul

26th August 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

Life is a strange thing, just when you had big plans it decides to turn the tables, throw the dice, and make what once was important suddenly irrelevant. I had big plans for the blog over the summer, as stated in my last post, but due reasons which I am not yet comfortable sharing online, I had to throw those plans to the wind – or at least delay all my reviews. Things are starting to clear up a tiny bit so I will try to get back on the horse. Therefore, to ease myself into blogging again (btw, I am […]


How to Avoid Sports TV aka Summer Reading List 2016

28th June 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

If you are already sick of the mere mentioning of sport then I have some bad news: this is a momentous sports summer with the EURO16 still going, then Tour de France in July, and then the Olympics. So if you had plans on doing something with friends (if you are not the sporty kind) – drop those and find some alternatives. If you also happen to love reading then I will share which books I am going to pass time with myself when everyone else is glued to the screen.


På træk by Kamilla Hega Holst

1st March 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

First, a note on the title. ‘På træk‘ would most likely be translated to ‘Drifting’ in English. However, there are some things lurking in the two small words that should be noted. ‘Træk’ can mean several things: ‘pull’, ‘draft’ (eg. from windows), ‘move’, and ‘attribute.’ It is also the root of other expressions like ‘trækkerdreng’ and ‘trække på gaden’ which means a boy prostitute and prostitution respectively. And all these things come to the surface in this novel by Kamilla Hega Holst. This novel was set up to be a modern view of the alienation of oneself and love in […]