Instagram Photo Challenge #septemberbøger

12th September 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

Lots of Danish libraries are hosting a photo challenge over at Instagram. It is so much fun and I am really liking searching all my shelves for books to match each day’s theme. If you are unfamiliar with a photo challenge it is simply to take a photo of each day’s theme… and that’s it! Lots of these challenges already make a post with all the themes before the start so you can check it out and even prepare like this one:


A home without books is a body with no soul

26th January 2016 Ann-Cathrine 0

I always stare at people’s book cases, and honestly, I do judge a tiny bit if you don’t have books in your home. To me, they are what make a home along with the people. You can have all the hip designer furniture straight out of a interior decorating magazine but if there is no life, then what can possible make it a home?